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Released: September 29, 2017
Final Verse Edition Release: October 6th, 2022

Our first title and our most well-regarded, Soundless is a free denpa horror about a cursed girl named Mercy who was raised in a cult town. One day, the Holy Maiden Auma tells Mercy that she, too, has been cursed. Visceral and tragic, Soundless features a classic 00s Japanese visual novel look and a multi-faceted look into the cycle of abuse.

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Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories | Press Kit

Released: January 22, 2023

Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories is our second free title, as well as the first title to have an Android release. Originally conceptualized for the 2020 Spooktober Jam, Three Lilies is a linear story anthology. Each story features ghosts and girls who love girls, but the genres, settings, and even time periods are wildly different. From a romance in 90s rural China, to a horror in 2010s suburban United States, to a sci-fi on a near-future floating island in the Atlantic, there's a story for everyone.

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7388 | Proof-of-concept edition

Status: Development paused

7388 is our NaNoReno 2018 title. Due to personal circumstances, only a proof-of-concept has been released since the jam, but we still plan on completing this title and elevating it to a full-featured commercial title.

Set in Florida after a nuclear apocalypse sends humanity underground, a data-scraping rudimentary LLM AI named Rhode-S23 is reactivated by the wandering companion android Merope. Rhode has been programmed with the directive to "know all" by her creator, and Merope, as her new companion, helps her out—but not without her pre-programmed "stubborn little sister" personality getting in the way. With only 73.88 hours until her systems fail for good, you must help Rhode make a decision: "know all" about the new world, or "know all" about the final year of humanity that she spent in hibernation mode?



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Status: Development paused

POLYCHROMANIA is our first adults-only title, a gruesome dystopian drama set in a near-future Tokyo. The protagonist, Ishikawa Hotaru, returns to her deliriant addiction after a series of traumatizing life events causes her to relapse. However, unlike her past highs, she finds herself in a strange alternate world, where she is greeted by a woman standing among spiders.